Crowded House

After 22nd November a whole lot of dolls are coming home from their time at Canberra Museum and Gallery – and there’s not a whole of of room for them. Reluctantly, I’m going to have to start selling off dolls because there is always more coming in. I’ll most likely try selling through Mister Dollface, or possibly eBay, first and see what happens. Most of them will be $350 to $550 US dollars including postage with tracking and signature.

I haven’t quite decided which ones yet, but I know this Vanessa will be leaving. Some will be in IT clothes, some in OOAK clothes, some modern and some historical. When I get the hang of posting in Word Press I’ll put more up.

Below is ‘Adorned’ Vanessa Perrin from the 2014 IT Convention. She has lovely hair which reminded me of the late 19th century. Her dress is an 1870’s walking dress in silk and lace, jewellery is pink coral and gold plated findings.  After her is a CI girl called Minx, dressed in Downton Abbey style. The dress was pretty much made to go with the small pieces of vintage black lace I had. The dress is silk, the lace is very old and is an unknown quantity, so it is kept away from the body with the lavender blue silk (I’ve learn’t from experience NEVER to put black next to the doll bodies unless it’s modern polyester fabric). Both are my repaints, and both are FR2 bodies. (Edit, sorry, Minx is on a Mongram body.)

I don’t do a lot of 19th century clothes, I find them too fussy.

vanessa 1870 side

Vanessa 1870 head lowres

FOR SALE:  $500 USD plus postage with tracking. Payment by PayPal only.


Minx 1907-2 lowres

FOR SALE:  $500 USD plus postage with tracking. Payment by PayPal only.


3 thoughts on “Crowded House

  1. Hi Julie,
    I’ve just attended your exibition at CMAG.
    I would be interested in buying some of your dolls.
    What is the best way of contacting you?


    • Hi Rlay1,
      Best way of contacting me would be via email at:

      I will be considering more of what to sell when they come home on 22nd November. I’m not sure if you are familiar with Integrity Fashion Royalty dolls, or Tonner, or some of the other brands, but they are expensive, especially the Integrity dolls. The newer ones sell for $300 to $500 USD. The Hot Toys knights, for instances, go for around $180 USD, just to let you know the ball park figures. The barbies, of course, are much cheaper, unless they are relatively rare.

      Thanks for asking. I’m not sure which forum I’ll put them in at present, possibly Mister Dollface to start with.
      Julie Manley


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