New in the Garden

I’ve been creating, redoing and refining some dress patterns for Integrity dolls, mainly Nu-face, Poppy and the FR2s.  Come to think of it, those are the only 12 inch IT dolls I make patterns for.  Rather than make it up entirely out of old sheeting or whatever, I make them up in cotton, or some other cheap fabric, because it isn’t as boring as sewing up sheeting (which I use to make the first pattern from by modelling it on a doll).

I’ll put them up for sale fairly soon I think.  This one is based on a Prada dress, well the neckline is at least.  I’ve made it up in new quilters cotton fabric, and it’s modelled by Poppy (my repaint).  I can’ quite recall which Poppy, but she has the Hungarian skin tone.  She’s now on a DG body.  I like the DG bods with some Poppy’s because they are a little taller and pretty much the same size everywhere else.

Tangerine-head lowres

The dress has a matching hat and clutch bag.  I love hats, can’t resist making hats for frocks.

Tangerine-1 lowres

The cupboards is a 1/6 scale Chinese wedding cupboard with a little jug (I collect little ceramic things, like vases).

NightGarden-threequarters-1 lowres

My repainted Vanessa (Metal Malven) on an FR2 body.  Jewelry is gold plated findings and turquoise beads.

NightGarden-fullfront lowres

The matching hat is vintage handwoven Thai silk, and the dress fabric is vintage cotton.  The trim came from Dona Dubbini in Italy.  I love it, and have used it on a couple of dresses.

Last, but not least, is Poppy, Irresistable in India.  Unfortunately for Dominique her Nu-face body matched this Poppy very well .  I was also experimenting with Indian silk brocade.  It’s not entirely successful and it was very difficult to handle (as in look at it and it frays/falls apart, and drops little gold threads all over my studio).  Silk does fray at the drop of a hat, but it is usually easy to handle – this stuff was a bitch but I love the colour.

India-1 lowres

I don’t the white balance is quite right, it should have been on auto.  Oh well…. next time.



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