French Farmhouse

I’ve discovered this lovely French Farmhouse furniture from Mini Molly Dollhouse in South Australia.

French kitchen-2 lowres

Paula, of Mini Molly Dollhouse, makes this furniture and obligingly up-scaled it a bit to fit my Fashion Royalty dolls.  It comes with some adorable cook books as well, and the pots are available separately.  The model is IT Veronique (first version) on an FR2 body.  Appropriately, her hair is French mohair.

The sets are available on eBay at:

There is also a website at:

A bit about mohair.  It’s very naturalistic, fine and soft, but a bit of a nightmare to use because you end up with fine hair everywhere, and the good stuff is expensive.  Also, at the very least it tends to be wavy or curly.  Synthetic mohair is easier to handle, but the colour range is quite limited.  I’m always a bit nervous about moths getting into it, but so far they haven’t (they have eaten some of my mohair eyelashes before now).  I imported Vero’s hair from France and from memory it was $45 USD For 1 ounce (and you need about an ounce for one head) a few years ago.

Here she is with her hair out:

French kitchen-3 Vero lowres



2 thoughts on “French Farmhouse

  1. Julie, your farmhouse furniture is to die for. I love all the little accessories on the shelves as well as the clock. My first reaction to the doll was that she is gorgeous. Then I saw that she is an older Veronique with mohair hair. I LOVE the faces of those older dolls. I am assuming it was you who did the reroot! Impressive!! Her hair looks so natural! She looks very Irish when her hair is down. Nice outfit too!!!


    • Thanks very much April. Yes, she is such an old Veronique I have no idea which one, on an FR2 body, and yep, I did the re-root and repaint. The clothes are Integrity, from 2015 Natalia ‘Prestige’. It’s some of the only furniture I’ve seen for 1/6 scale that isn’t pink plastic or Louis XVI. Paula makes a range of stuff and is happy to up-scale it a bit for the 12 inch dolls, looks better a bit bigger. Only problem for you is she lives in Australia (but a few hundred miles from me). She made the books and the saucepans, I collect tiny things, as you do. I’m trying to think which of my gals can cook, certainly not Agnes…

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