OOAKs for Portland Integrity Toys Convention 2018

Denise Travers http://www.denisesdolls.com is very kindly taking a few of my OOAKs to the Portland Convention for me as I’m travelling in other countries before I get to Portland.  If anyone wants to see the little catalogue please feel free to email Denise at dtdoll38@yahoo.com  and she can send a PDF file.  Had to fix the formatting, sorry.

Up for sale are:

The Snow Queen  
Snow Queen-1 Snow Queen-2

Poppy – Welcome to Misty Hollows 2017 on a 2017 Nu-Face body
$500 USD
Inspired by Alexander McQueen this was my entry for the 2017 IT Fairytale convention OOAK competition. Tulle over white silk.  The headdress is finished with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals on a silk hat. The tulle veil over the antlers is weighted with clear rock crystal beads.  Customised The Vogue shoes.
Everyone knows Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen, bit of a narcissist, or possibly psychopath. Perhaps she wasn’t evil, just misunderstood. Fairytales often had good advice for children, some of it to prepare them for the realities of adulthood perhaps?  Well the original versions anyway.


Theodora-1 Theodora-2

Elise Jolie – J’Adore La Fête 2015
$500 USD
Inspired by the 6th Century Empress Theodora. Silk underdress with silk overdress (well I think it’s silk but I bought this fabric in India and I’m not sure) embroidered with freshwater pearls.  Headdress of freshwater pearls and coral.
A girl who rose from the slums of Constantinople to marry Justinian II, if I recall. Ruthless, ambitious, and she kept her head.



Fasten Your Seatbelts  
Agnes Seatbelts-1 Agnes Seatbelts-2

Agnès Von Weiss (Festive Decadence 2009?) on an FR2 body
$500 USD
Inspired by the great movies of the 1940s this is an OOAK Japanese kimono silk outfit trimmed with recycled mink. I can’t remember whose purse she has stolen.  She is wearing soft purple The Vogue ankle boots.
Agnès has the best ‘resting bitch-face’ on a doll I’ve ever seen.


Veruska-1 Veruska-2

Clash Control – Erin (2008) original NU.Face body
Probably inspired by Jean-Paul Gaultier.  Japanese silk top with silk skirt.  Adorable little IT shoes with beading a feathers.  Faux fur stole and hat.  Chunky IT jewellery.
She sort of accidentally ended up looking a little Russian – she doesn’t actually look like Veruschka at all.

Blue Moon  
Blue Moon-1 Blue Moon-2

Sneak Peek – Eden Blair (2015)
Purple silk dupion dress with IT shoes.  Accessories in freshwater pearls and glass beads. The dress incorporates a tulle petticoat. Silk clutch purse (which opens).
I think I was looking at modern haute couture Dior at the time.  The bodice is a drafted pattern, but the skirt is freehand folding, which is what interested me.


Valentino-1 Valentino-2

Kyori Sato – Dangerous to Know 2013
$400 USD

Inspired by Valentino, the master of feminine dress.  Silk dupion with freshwater pearl accessories and silk hat.  IT shoes.
More than that I cannot say, she’s a mystery unto herself.


Such a Little Neck  
16thC Queen-1 16thC Queen-head

Lillith Blair (I think from Element of Surprise 2008)
$500 USD

This is an historical dress from around the early 16th C, approx. 1536.  Silk overdress with silk petticoat with gold lace which is lined with white cotton lace.  Beaded headdress and freshwater pearl earrings.   DG girl red boots.
‘Such a Little Neck’ – she’s called that because she reminded me of Anne Boleyn. I think I’d been watching the Tudors. Anyway, being beheaded is a very cruel way to die, and strangely enough, it happened to ambitious women quite a lot in those days. The dress is historical from around the 1530’s and it is silk and cotton.


Sansa-1 Sansa-2

DG Girl – Holland, London Calling Collection 2013
Inspired by Game of Thrones.  Silk underdress with silk tabbard top, embroidered belt and headdress withs ome freshwater pearls. Half slip petticoat underneath.  DG Girl boots.
This little doll reminded me of Sansa at the beginning of Game of Thrones, sweet and innocent, and we all know it went horribly wrong eventually.


Agnes Madame-1 Agnes Madame-2

Agnès Von Weiss, October Issue on an FR2 body
Inspired by Jean-Paul Gaultier.  Vintage black Alençon lace over silk dupion, and lightly beaded to show the pattern.  Tulle frills on the bottom.  Velvet stole lined with silk. Glass bead jewelry.  Completed by black IT ankle boots that are finished with tiny leather flowers.



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