Some OOAKs

Limelight front lowresInspired by a dress (1935) in the movie Atonement.  I’ve tried this dress quite a few times and it just doesn’t work out at 1/6 scale the way I want it to, not enough fabric to add weight to the skirt.


Bedazzled front lowresInspired by the designers Rodarte (Kate and Laura Mulleavy).


Eshe Gold Atlas-3

Eshe Gold Atlas-1 lowres

Inspired by the costume designer Eiko Ishioka.  This was my entry for the IT convention OOAK comp and the them was simply ‘gold’.  I have bought the jewellery in Vrindavan, India in 2013 and the dress is pretty much a fantasy piece designed to display the jewellery.  The model is an IT doll Isha (my repaint). Sorry about the photo, not very good.


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