OOAKs for sale

Hoping to drum up some interest in sales before I head to Baltimore for the Integrity Toys convention from 9th-12th October. That way I can take them with me and deliver them at the convention. If someone is interested in buying but is not going to the IT convention that’s fine too, but postage is NOT included in these prices. High resolution images are up on FLICKR at https://www.flickr.com/photos/joolsmanley

I have five complete OOAK dolls with outfits for sale, plus 21 that are outfits only. All of them include shoes and accessories.

Circe’s Garden
Ayumi Nakamura – London by Night (2008)
New NU.face body
Inspired by John Galliano for Dior (2007).  Silk underlay with tulle overlay.  Vintage Thai silk bodice, hat and skirt tie.  Beaded neckline, silk ribbon ties on hat and neck.  Separate petticoat underneath.  Includes IT black shoes with ribbon ties. My repaint – SOLD

Anna Karenina
Poppy Parker IT doll – Japan skin tone, NU.face body
Silk top and separate skirt.  Top is embroidered with beads.  Velvet ribbon necklace and freshwater pearls.  Tiny handbag.  Inspired by the movie costumes for Anna Karenina which are highly stylelised but give the impression of historical clothing.  Black patent faux leather shoes.
My repaint – SOLD

Lilith Blair – possibly Lead Singles?
NU.face body first version
Silk dress circa 1810-20 embroidered with gold coloured thread and freshwater pearls.  It was actually made to showcase a piece of vintage cotton Alençon lace which is on the bottom of the dress because I didn’t want to cut it up.  The lace is very old but still in good condition.  Separate petticoat underneath. Freshwater pearl jewellery and recycled mink stole.
My repaint – SOLD

Les Liaisons dangereuses
Poppy Parker –  High heeled Poppy body.
18th Century silk dress inspired by the movie because this particular Poppy reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer.  Freshwater pearl earrings, velvet ribbon necklace and customised fan.  Petticoat and shoes.  Separate petticoat underneath.
My repaint – SOLD

A Lady and Her Lute
Poppy Parker – Go See!
Re-bodied on a new NU.face body
Indian silk overdress with Indian metallic embroidered trim, silk under-dress, broiderie anglaise petticoat, blue IT boots.  Freshwater pearl jewellery and glass beads, findings and freshwater pearl headdress.  One sixth scale lute.
My repaint – SOLD


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