everything BUT the doll

Well, it feels like a hundred years since I’ve posted on my blog.
Some OOAK fashions for sale. Dolls are NOT included, but shoes and jewellery are and are made to fit Integrity Toys dolls, mainly FR2 and NU.face.
I can be contacted at: jools@iinet.net.au or manleyj02@gmail.com

Balenciaga – variation in pink
Vintage silk faille in a delicate mushroom pink, beaded and with a soft tulle underskirt. Includes matching beaded clutch bag. Modelled by Integrity Toys doll Isha Divinity (2018).
Shoes from Sherry Fang Shoes – https://www.ebay.com/str/paulzhangby
USD $125 plus postage

Vintage cotton lawn dress with cotton voile lining as a petticoat.  Matching hat and scarf.  Gold plated jewelry with opalised quartz stones in the earrings, and a bunch of gold plated bangles. Modelled by Agnes with flat feet, and includes the white sandals from Elise (Séduisante 2017).
Fits:  IT dolls FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage

My Island Home
Vintage polished cotton in a Balenciaga variation with IT ‘straw’ hat with extra flowers from the dress.  Lined with cotton voile and with attached soft tulle petticoat. Modelled by IT doll Baroness Agnes Von Weiss – Fresh Perspective (2019 Integrity Toys Convention), my repaint.
IT shoes from Giselle 2017 (Feeling Wild)
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage.

The Orangery
Shot silk taffeta dress, embroidered with Mill Hill gold beads and with separate tulle petticoat.
Jewelry consists of earrings, ring and bangles. Modelled by IT doll Elyse Jolie (Sprint 2017, IT convention 2019), my repaint.
Shoes from The Vogue, Hong Kong in dark bronze.
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage

Caribbean Picnic

Black and white gingham dress with fine lawn sleeves and fine lawn separate petticoat in the same fabric.  Pink cotton belt. IT hat with pink lawn scarf. Jewellery in gold plated wire and fresh water pearl earrings. Modelled by IT doll Véronique on an FR2 body, my repaint.
Shoes by Sherry Fang – https://www.ebay.com/str/paulzhangby
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage


Silk dupion outfit with commercial hair ornament.  Silk black and white clutch bag, fine suede jacket in recycled leather and recycled cotton trim fabric lined with white cotton. Modelled by IT doll Eugenia Perrin-Frost (Vivacité 2017), my repaint.
IT shoes (I could look them up, but that would take ages), commercial earrings.
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage

Homage to…
Believe it or not, this was inspired by a Tom Ford outfit for Cardi B. Cotton gingham with fine cotton voile trim. Bracelet and gold plated wire and shell earrings.  Modelled by IT doll Isabella Alves (Style Legacy, 2020 IT convention), my repaint.
Sherry Fang shoes – https://www.ebay.com/str/paulzhangby
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage

Not Now Cato
I love vintage Thai silk. Modelled by IT doll Natalia Vs1, my repaint.

What! (as in What do you mean you’ve never heard of me!!)
Various cottons and fine cotton voile, bracelet and yellow glass beads necklace. For those of you unfamiliar with Integrity Toys dolls, Agnes is a doll with attitude.
IT shoes from Elise 2011 (Engaging)
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage