OOAK fashion

‘Waterfall’ OOAK silk dress on Integrity Toys doll Kyori Sato ‘Karma’ (2018). Industry Choice Award from DOLLS Magazine for fashion design, my repaint. Inspired by a trip to the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) in 2019 where I saw some fantastic coloured pencil pencil paintings by the Aussie artist Peter Eglington. The feathers are Toucan feathers I found outside a pet shop in Canberra years ago.


everything BUT the doll

Well, it feels like a hundred years since I’ve posted on my blog.
Some OOAK fashions for sale. Dolls are NOT included, but shoes and jewellery are and are made to fit Integrity Toys dolls, mainly FR2 and NU.face.
I can be contacted at: jools@iinet.net.au or manleyj02@gmail.com

Balenciaga – variation in pink
Vintage silk faille in a delicate mushroom pink, beaded and with a soft tulle underskirt. Includes matching beaded clutch bag. Modelled by Integrity Toys doll Isha Divinity (2018).
Shoes from Sherry Fang Shoes – https://www.ebay.com/str/paulzhangby
USD $125 plus postage

Vintage cotton lawn dress with cotton voile lining as a petticoat.  Matching hat and scarf.  Gold plated jewelry with opalised quartz stones in the earrings, and a bunch of gold plated bangles. Modelled by Agnes with flat feet, and includes the white sandals from Elise (Séduisante 2017).
Fits:  IT dolls FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage

My Island Home
Vintage polished cotton in a Balenciaga variation with IT ‘straw’ hat with extra flowers from the dress.  Lined with cotton voile and with attached soft tulle petticoat. Modelled by IT doll Baroness Agnes Von Weiss – Fresh Perspective (2019 Integrity Toys Convention), my repaint.
IT shoes from Giselle 2017 (Feeling Wild)
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage.

The Orangery
Shot silk taffeta dress, embroidered with Mill Hill gold beads and with separate tulle petticoat.
Jewelry consists of earrings, ring and bangles. Modelled by IT doll Elyse Jolie (Sprint 2017, IT convention 2019), my repaint.
Shoes from The Vogue, Hong Kong in dark bronze.
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage

Caribbean Picnic

Black and white gingham dress with fine lawn sleeves and fine lawn separate petticoat in the same fabric.  Pink cotton belt. IT hat with pink lawn scarf. Jewellery in gold plated wire and fresh water pearl earrings. Modelled by IT doll Véronique on an FR2 body, my repaint.
Shoes by Sherry Fang – https://www.ebay.com/str/paulzhangby
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage


Silk dupion outfit with commercial hair ornament.  Silk black and white clutch bag, fine suede jacket in recycled leather and recycled cotton trim fabric lined with white cotton. Modelled by IT doll Eugenia Perrin-Frost (Vivacité 2017), my repaint.
IT shoes (I could look them up, but that would take ages), commercial earrings.
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage

Homage to…
Believe it or not, this was inspired by a Tom Ford outfit for Cardi B. Cotton gingham with fine cotton voile trim. Bracelet and gold plated wire and shell earrings.  Modelled by IT doll Isabella Alves (Style Legacy, 2020 IT convention), my repaint.
Sherry Fang shoes – https://www.ebay.com/str/paulzhangby
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage

Not Now Cato
I love vintage Thai silk. Modelled by IT doll Natalia Vs1, my repaint.

What! (as in What do you mean you’ve never heard of me!!)
Various cottons and fine cotton voile, bracelet and yellow glass beads necklace. For those of you unfamiliar with Integrity Toys dolls, Agnes is a doll with attitude.
IT shoes from Elise 2011 (Engaging)
Fits:  FR2, NU.face
USD $125 plus postage

OOAKs for sale

Hoping to drum up some interest in sales before I head to Baltimore for the Integrity Toys convention from 9th-12th October. That way I can take them with me and deliver them at the convention. If someone is interested in buying but is not going to the IT convention that’s fine too, but postage is NOT included in these prices. High resolution images are up on FLICKR at https://www.flickr.com/photos/joolsmanley

I have five complete OOAK dolls with outfits for sale, plus 21 that are outfits only. All of them include shoes and accessories.

Circe’s Garden
Ayumi Nakamura – London by Night (2008)
New NU.face body
Inspired by John Galliano for Dior (2007).  Silk underlay with tulle overlay.  Vintage Thai silk bodice, hat and skirt tie.  Beaded neckline, silk ribbon ties on hat and neck.  Separate petticoat underneath.  Includes IT black shoes with ribbon ties. My repaint – SOLD

Anna Karenina
Poppy Parker IT doll – Japan skin tone, NU.face body
Silk top and separate skirt.  Top is embroidered with beads.  Velvet ribbon necklace and freshwater pearls.  Tiny handbag.  Inspired by the movie costumes for Anna Karenina which are highly stylelised but give the impression of historical clothing.  Black patent faux leather shoes.
My repaint – SOLD

Lilith Blair – possibly Lead Singles?
NU.face body first version
Silk dress circa 1810-20 embroidered with gold coloured thread and freshwater pearls.  It was actually made to showcase a piece of vintage cotton Alençon lace which is on the bottom of the dress because I didn’t want to cut it up.  The lace is very old but still in good condition.  Separate petticoat underneath. Freshwater pearl jewellery and recycled mink stole.
My repaint – SOLD

Les Liaisons dangereuses
Poppy Parker –  High heeled Poppy body.
18th Century silk dress inspired by the movie because this particular Poppy reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer.  Freshwater pearl earrings, velvet ribbon necklace and customised fan.  Petticoat and shoes.  Separate petticoat underneath.
My repaint – SOLD

A Lady and Her Lute
Poppy Parker – Go See!
Re-bodied on a new NU.face body
Indian silk overdress with Indian metallic embroidered trim, silk under-dress, broiderie anglaise petticoat, blue IT boots.  Freshwater pearl jewellery and glass beads, findings and freshwater pearl headdress.  One sixth scale lute.
My repaint – SOLD

Some OOAKs

Limelight front lowresInspired by a dress (1935) in the movie Atonement.  I’ve tried this dress quite a few times and it just doesn’t work out at 1/6 scale the way I want it to, not enough fabric to add weight to the skirt.


Bedazzled front lowresInspired by the designers Rodarte (Kate and Laura Mulleavy).


Eshe Gold Atlas-3

Eshe Gold Atlas-1 lowres

Inspired by the costume designer Eiko Ishioka.  This was my entry for the IT convention OOAK comp and the them was simply ‘gold’.  I have bought the jewellery in Vrindavan, India in 2013 and the dress is pretty much a fantasy piece designed to display the jewellery.  The model is an IT doll Isha (my repaint). Sorry about the photo, not very good.

OOAKs for Portland Integrity Toys Convention 2018

Denise Travers http://www.denisesdolls.com is very kindly taking a few of my OOAKs to the Portland Convention for me as I’m travelling in other countries before I get to Portland.  If anyone wants to see the little catalogue please feel free to email Denise at dtdoll38@yahoo.com  and she can send a PDF file.  Had to fix the formatting, sorry.

Up for sale are:

The Snow Queen  
Snow Queen-1 Snow Queen-2

Poppy – Welcome to Misty Hollows 2017 on a 2017 Nu-Face body
$500 USD
Inspired by Alexander McQueen this was my entry for the 2017 IT Fairytale convention OOAK competition. Tulle over white silk.  The headdress is finished with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals on a silk hat. The tulle veil over the antlers is weighted with clear rock crystal beads.  Customised The Vogue shoes.
Everyone knows Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen, bit of a narcissist, or possibly psychopath. Perhaps she wasn’t evil, just misunderstood. Fairytales often had good advice for children, some of it to prepare them for the realities of adulthood perhaps?  Well the original versions anyway.


Theodora-1 Theodora-2

Elise Jolie – J’Adore La Fête 2015
$500 USD
Inspired by the 6th Century Empress Theodora. Silk underdress with silk overdress (well I think it’s silk but I bought this fabric in India and I’m not sure) embroidered with freshwater pearls.  Headdress of freshwater pearls and coral.
A girl who rose from the slums of Constantinople to marry Justinian II, if I recall. Ruthless, ambitious, and she kept her head.



Fasten Your Seatbelts  
Agnes Seatbelts-1 Agnes Seatbelts-2

Agnès Von Weiss (Festive Decadence 2009?) on an FR2 body
$500 USD
Inspired by the great movies of the 1940s this is an OOAK Japanese kimono silk outfit trimmed with recycled mink. I can’t remember whose purse she has stolen.  She is wearing soft purple The Vogue ankle boots.
Agnès has the best ‘resting bitch-face’ on a doll I’ve ever seen.


Veruska-1 Veruska-2

Clash Control – Erin (2008) original NU.Face body
Probably inspired by Jean-Paul Gaultier.  Japanese silk top with silk skirt.  Adorable little IT shoes with beading a feathers.  Faux fur stole and hat.  Chunky IT jewellery.
She sort of accidentally ended up looking a little Russian – she doesn’t actually look like Veruschka at all.

Blue Moon  
Blue Moon-1 Blue Moon-2

Sneak Peek – Eden Blair (2015)
Purple silk dupion dress with IT shoes.  Accessories in freshwater pearls and glass beads. The dress incorporates a tulle petticoat. Silk clutch purse (which opens).
I think I was looking at modern haute couture Dior at the time.  The bodice is a drafted pattern, but the skirt is freehand folding, which is what interested me.


Valentino-1 Valentino-2

Kyori Sato – Dangerous to Know 2013
$400 USD

Inspired by Valentino, the master of feminine dress.  Silk dupion with freshwater pearl accessories and silk hat.  IT shoes.
More than that I cannot say, she’s a mystery unto herself.


Such a Little Neck  
16thC Queen-1 16thC Queen-head

Lillith Blair (I think from Element of Surprise 2008)
$500 USD

This is an historical dress from around the early 16th C, approx. 1536.  Silk overdress with silk petticoat with gold lace which is lined with white cotton lace.  Beaded headdress and freshwater pearl earrings.   DG girl red boots.
‘Such a Little Neck’ – she’s called that because she reminded me of Anne Boleyn. I think I’d been watching the Tudors. Anyway, being beheaded is a very cruel way to die, and strangely enough, it happened to ambitious women quite a lot in those days. The dress is historical from around the 1530’s and it is silk and cotton.


Sansa-1 Sansa-2

DG Girl – Holland, London Calling Collection 2013
Inspired by Game of Thrones.  Silk underdress with silk tabbard top, embroidered belt and headdress withs ome freshwater pearls. Half slip petticoat underneath.  DG Girl boots.
This little doll reminded me of Sansa at the beginning of Game of Thrones, sweet and innocent, and we all know it went horribly wrong eventually.


Agnes Madame-1 Agnes Madame-2

Agnès Von Weiss, October Issue on an FR2 body
Inspired by Jean-Paul Gaultier.  Vintage black Alençon lace over silk dupion, and lightly beaded to show the pattern.  Tulle frills on the bottom.  Velvet stole lined with silk. Glass bead jewelry.  Completed by black IT ankle boots that are finished with tiny leather flowers.


Fairytale fashion

Integrity Toys fashion doll convention, Orlando Florida
19th – 21st October 2017

Off to the IT fashion doll convention in Orlando on Monday. I sometimes wonder if I’m quite sane travelling to the other side of the planet for just a week for fashion dolls, but the theme of ‘Fairytale Fashion’ was irresistible.  I’m also taking two OOAK competition dolls but who knows?  I read the original versions of Grimm’s fairytales as a kid, and as struck by the insanity, violence and miserable lives some kids had to endure.  The only ‘fairytale’ thing about some of these stories was some kind of supernatural intervention and/or justice in the end.  I think as a result my competition entries look a bit angry and sad, so that’ll put people off – oh well.  I’ll put the comp entries up after the convention.

Here are the five OOAKs, one with an Integrity Toys dress, that I’m taking with me, hopefully to sell with Denise Travers, who will have her sales room there.

60s Poppy full front lowres
Integrity Toys Doll:  Poppy Parker ‘Joyous Celebration’, my repaint.
Early 1960s vintage Thai silk dress.

EFrost in ITdress front lowres
Integrity Toys doll:  Eugenia Frost – my repaint.  Can’t remember which one unless I look it up.  Integrity Toys dress, loosely 1950s style.

Vanessa full front lowres
Integrity Toys doll:  Vanessa ‘In Bloom’, my repaint.
Late 18th century style dress in vintage Thai silk, silk underskirt.  The basket is made from vintage French millinery straw.  The hat is from another IT convention a few years ago.  I have always had mixed feelings about this style of dress.  It was romantic and feminine, but it was also expensive, impractical, restricting of movement, and represents some of the worst excesses of the European aristocracy.   Fortunately, the dolls don’t care.

18thC Scotland full front lowres
Integrity Toys doll:  Imogen ‘City Girl’ – my repaint.
Mid 18th century Scottish style dress, although this tartan did not come into being until much later with the Black Watch, but I couldn’t find any silk in Flora MacDonald’s tartan (some of my ancestors are also from the Isle of Skye).  I was looking at Scottish fashion around the time of the battle of Culloden.  The white rose in the beret was a symbol for the Jacobites, and not for the last time clothes became part of political resistance and identity.  Silk skirt and wrap with fine Indian lawn shirt, black cotton vest.

Elise 16thC full front lowres
Integrity Toys Doll:  Elise – my repaint.  She has also had a new hair job in synthetic mohair so I don’t know which Elise.
Early 16th C silk dress.  Sky blue vintage silk satin embroidered with glass beads and freshwater pearls, with an underskirt in Indian silk brocade.  She vaguely reminded me of Elizabeth I, and the dress style is from around 1540s, although I think Elizabeth I would have had a great many more pearls on her dress.

More after the IT convention, which is going to be heaps of fun!


Independent Fashion Doll Convention (IFDC)

The IFDC is organised by Jim Faraone and is held every year in Las Vegas.  It is a fun convention with a different theme every year.  This year it was ‘Dollton Abbey’.  Fashion doll artists from all over the USA usually attend, such as JamieShow (by George Gonzalez) and Pigdin Dolls (Joshua David McKenney), and of course Integrity Toys.  All of these have images that are readily available on the web.  Inexplicably, I didn’t take many images at the convention.  Most of my images are of the fabulous Chihuly glass collection at the Bellagio Casino.  Oh well….  The first image below are some of the dress ups at lunch.

Dress ups at luncheon

Some of the lovely people at the IDFC, and they made it such a pleasure to be there.

IDFC-dawn out the window LV

Dawn over Las Vegas from the hotel window.  With 40 to 46 degree C heat, getting out into the desert wasn’t an option.  There is some things that are inexplicable when one is half a world away from home and alone.





Nick Cave Soundsuit 2013

The Bellagio has some very interesting art.  I don’t know who is responsible for it, but it is a very good, if extremely eclectic, collection.  This is an outfit worn by Nick Cave called Soundsuit (2013), on display in the shopping mall (the sort of mall where they have Hermes, Valentino, Gucci and Dior etc. and nothing has a price tag).

Weird machine

I thought this might be a Dalek, but I’m not sure.  Such a strange mixture of some of the best modern art and antique Chinese sculptures and cloisonne vases and trashy sentimental displays, one of a model Tuscan village.  There are thousands of people milling about in artificially lit caves in a complex the size of several city blocks.  It took me some time to find the right exit.  There are no windows and no clocks and I’d forgotten my mobile phone.  No problem, I think security was watching me because I was the only one taking photos and looking at the art.  There was a pleasant person in a suit everywhere I wanted to check the time.

Giant dolls houuses

The Tuscan village.  Having just come from the IFDC convention, I thought these would be the perfect diorama for some 1:6 scale dolls on the terraces and hanging out the windows.  Weirdly trashy, and the best dolls houses I’ve seen for ages.  I loved it, I just wouldn’t want it in my loungeroom.

LV landscape

Leaving Las Vegas.  Not having any interest in gambling whatsoever, it is an odd place surrounded by stunning desert mountains.


Cuba was quite similar to Mexico in that the Spanish influence was very evident.  Cuba was beautiful and fascinating but as you can imagine there were very few dolls, and certainly I didn’t see one single Barbie.  I did see some really interesting dolls though.  The doll below belonged to a fortune teller in the main square near our hotel in the old section of Havana (I could tell you the square but I’m too lazy to look it up).  The doll was watching a space for her owner, and I can assure you it didn’t look like anyone was going to touch her, or even go near her, any time soon.

Havana Spotdoll-2 lowresGuardian doll, Havana, Cuba

Havana Spotdoll & mistress lowresFortunate teller, Havana, and her guardian doll

Havana Senora Cuba lowres

Somehow she was more than a mere fortunate-teller.  More of a spirit guide really, and she reminded me strongly of the South American beliefs of Candomblé.

The other interesting thing found all over the places we visited was the dressed statues in churches.  This figure has the most beautiful velvet dress and gold lace head scarf.  You can see in many of these images that a woman covering her head is by no means unusual in many cultures.

Dressed Statue Havanna-2 lowresBlack Madonna or saint, Basilica Menor de San Francisco de Asis, Old Havana, Cuba (I don’t know the significance of the pole-axe).

The image below was taken in an artists’ street in Havana and was mostly African Cuban works.  This little corner is decorated with various figures, and the black dolls heads on the two stumps are intriguing.

Dollhead garden Cuba lowresStreet garden, Old Havana

There were other dressed figures in various churches.  There was so much to see the image below is just one example of embroidered clothes on figures of saints or madonnas.

VirginMary Cuba-2 lowres

These tiny wire figures were also found everywhere.

TinyDolls-2 Cuba lowresSmall wood and wire figures, Havana market.

Lastly, because I liked the horse (OK, the guy is cute too, but anyone under thirty is cute when you are as old as I am).  I didn’t have time to compose the shot, only a few seconds.

Trinidad horse&rider lowresHorse and rider, Trinidad de Cuba, Cuba


In late August 2016 we were in Guatemala for about a week.  If you want to see really good photography on Mexico City, Guatemala and the Caribbean you might want to visit my partner’s blog Murray Foote.  This one is more about dolls and I’m not claiming to be much of a photographer.

Guatemala is a magical place, although probably summer is not the best time to visit.  The advantage was that we were the only guests at the time.  The El Sombrero Ecolodge is delightful, and it is a short car ride away from the Mayan site of Yaxha.  Naturally there weren’t many dolls to be found at the Lodge, but the sunsets were great, and Tikal and Yaxha are amazing.

Sunset Guatemala lowresSunset over Yaxha Lagoon

El Sombrero Ecolodge is located in the Yaxha Lagoon in the Yaxha-Nakum- Naranjo National Park in the Mayan Biosphere Reserve in Peten, Guatemala. It is only one hour drive from Tikal and Flores and 30 minutes from the Belize Border.


Tikal pyramid lowresPart of the Mayan complex at Tikal – just to set the scene

At Tikal there were plenty of Mayan dolls for sale to tourists.  We were approached by a local Mayan guide who asked if we wanted to hire him (sadly no, we didn’t).  However, he told an interesting story.  Anyone who visits Tikal is required to make a sacrifice, as it is a sacred site (and he was not referring to money here).  I believed him, the place is a huge site and totally awe-inspiring.

3CornDolls Tical lowresLittle dolls made from dried corn leaves

CornDolls Tikal lowresCorn doll seller, Tikal

This lady had set up her stall a bit away from the main tourist shops which sold all the usual stuff, as well as the rag dolls common everywhere.



Mexico City

From late August through to early October 2016 I was lucky enough to travel with my partner in some really beautiful places.  Naturally in each place I went looking as various dolls to be found there because I was interested in how dolls pop up in different cultures.  I’m sure I could do heaps more research on the subject, but curiously there isn’t a lot of research on the subject of dolls.  They are universal, although they appear in such different ways.  I was fascinated by them all, from the rag dolls that seem to be everywhere all over Mexico, Guatemala and the Caribbean, to the beautifully dressed figures of saints in the various churches we saw.  This post is just for Mexico City, otherwise it was too long.

Mexico City

The interesting thing about Mexico City is that there were dolls everywhere.  Practically the first thing I picked up in our hotel room was a tiny doll.  This little creature was made to capture bad dreams, or to ensure a good night’s sleep, probably both.  The thing that struck me about most of the places we went was the deeply held belief that the doll is a substitute for oneself, a stand-in that can act as a vehicle to another world.  The doll takes on the bad stuff instead of the hapless human, or the gorgeously dressed figures in the churches were meant to intercede on behalf of the supplicant.  I found them all very beautiful and moving.

 Mayan doll This tiny little dolls is called Buenas Noches.  She is 6 cms long and dressed in bits of T-shirt and hand woven fabric.  She is a traditional Mayan ‘Quitapesares’, or sorrow remover doll.  You tell her your sorrows, put her under your pillow, sleep, and next day your sorrows will be gone.  I think she is charming, although I haven’t actually put her to the test yet.


There were a few Barbies in a shop in the tourist area at the centre of the city, but they weren’t that inetresting.

I found the universal stuffed rag doll of the region on sale outside the Frida Kahlo museum (Frida Kahlo is one of my favourite artists).  Inside the FK museum (her house in Mexico City), was a delightful cabinet full of doll furniture, but it was hard to get images as they were in a cabinet.  There were plenty of other figures to be found in Mexico City, and in the airport at Cancun on our way out to Cuba.

FK doll dabinet 1
Frida Kahlo’s curio cabinet, Mexico City
Small tourist doll from outside the Frida Kahlo museum, Mexico City

There were heaps of other kinds of figures to do with the Day of the Dead.

Dolls MC-1Tourist figures for Day of the Dead, Medico City


Dolls MC-3Raffia Dolls, Mexico City

Small offering figurines MCSmall guardian figures found at the corner of a temple excavation, Mexico City
(not dolls perhaps, but similar in function to the little Mayan Quitapeares doll).

Barbie Cancun lowresBarbies dressed in traditional Mexican costume, Cancun airport.  I got the impression these were older or second-hand Barbies that had been dressed in styles from various regions.  They were very pretty, if a little pricey.